Friday, 1 April 2011

A lesson on DOF (from Dad!)

Aren't Dads just fab? He spends all of two minutes (ok maybe tad more) with the camera and a cuppa and look what he gets! which when you compare with my earlier attempt on the blog, it's pretty different. Ok, so he has 20 yrs + on his side when it comes to slr use so you would expect it! Just have to glean the info out of him without the technical details of balance this apeture with that shuuter speed and near bamboozaling me to death with the associated figures. Now I know to all you hardcore photographers out there it comes naturally now, but for me, for now, I need it explained in 'what thingymejig do I need to press to makethe background go fuzzy' kind of language. I can hear you screaming it's called depth of feild you simpleton! as I type this. Although I bet anyone who is thinking that looks back enough into their amatuer days they will know just where I am coming from. So as soon as he left this is what I tried out, I hope I get an A!

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